The definition of steam drain valve

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-17
When steam condensation release only saturated in the evaporation enthalpy of formation of condensate water enthalpy, in order to ensure the system's maximum heat transfer efficiency, condensate must be excluded from the system. Steam carried by air and other no non-condensable gas in the formation of thermal resistance layer on the surface of the steam and heat also must be excluded from the system. Steam drain valve is a kind of can automatically condensation water air and non-condensable gas exhaust steam system and can prevent steam discharge device. Basically has the following types: 1. Hot static type steam drain valve induction and super-cooling condensed water or steam/air mixture temperature difference between; 2. Mechanical type steam drain valve sensing the density difference between steam and condensate; 3. Thermodynamic steam drain valve type induction condensate at low speed and high speed flash steam power difference between;
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