The design of the electric stainless steel ball valve selection

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-20
The design of the electric stainless steel ball valve selection. 1, selection of design parameters. Electric stainless steel ball valve in the model selection of the design needs to consider the parameters of the flow, before the valve pressure, pressure differential and valve after pressure and temperature, etc. 2, selection of design principles. The principle of heating system to adjust, it is in ball valve opening change and change into a linear relationship. 3, selection of design calculation. According to the thermal station heat load and side for the first time for the return water temperature to calculate the electric stainless steel ball valve flow; According to the rights of the thermal resistance and valve confirm ball valve pressure drop; Calculate the Kv value; Find samples of ball valve type selection, the selection is greater than the Kv value and at the same Kvs, choose the ball valve diameter; Ball valve fully open the actual pressure drop calculation, to calculate the real right of valve, and should not be less than zero. 25 ~ 0. 3; View the selection of samples to allow differential pressure, temperature and selecting valve type; Body according to the selection of sample selection and matching of actuator, and meet the requirements of closed differential pressure, confirm the control signal types. http://www。 dazkfy。 com
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