The developing course of regulating valve

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-16
Regulating valve valves to regulate the development course of the development of the 20th century since the initial seven, eighty years of history, has produced the ten kinds of regulating valve products, self-reliance type valve and positioner, etc. , its development process is as follows: in the 20 s, the stability of the original pressure regulating valve. S: & other; V” Type represented gap two-seat valves and single-seat valve products. 40 s: a locator, new varieties of further regulating valve, diaphragm valve, pneumatic Angle seat valve, butterfly valve, ball valve, gate door, etc. S: ball valve door get bigger promotion use, three-way valve to replace two single-block valves input system. In the '60 s: the home has a complete series of products. Now we are in heavy use single-seat valves, two-seat valves, Angle seat valve, three-way valve, diaphragm valve, butterfly valve, ball valve, gate door seven kinds of products is still in the 60 s level of products. At this time, foreigners start launched the eighth kind of structure adjustment valve & ndash; — The sleeve valve. In the 70 s: a new structure of products & ndash; — Eccentric rotary valve ( 9 kinds structure adjusting valve) 。 During this period the sleeve valve is widely used in foreign countries. In the late 70 s, domestic joint sleeve valve was designed and made in China have a sleeve valve products series. Early 80 s, 80 s, because of the reform and opening up, China's successful introduction of the petrochemical plant and the regulating valve technology, make the sleeve valve, eccentric rotary valve is used widely, especially the sleeve valve, replace single, two-seat valves, its use is more and more widely. Another significant progress in the late 80 s, the regulating valve is Japan's Cv3000 and fine small adjustment valve, they are in terms of structure, change the single spring pneumatic diaphragm actuator to more spring loaded diaphragm actuator, the valve structure is improved, and not to change. Its outstanding characteristic is to make the weight of the regulating valve and a 30% drop in height, flow coefficient increased by 30%. Is the focus of the 90 s, 90 s in reliability, special difficult products research, improvement and improve. By the 90 s, launched the first ten kinds of structure of products & ndash; — A fully functional ultra light valve. Its outstanding characteristic is in reliability, function, and weight. The breakthrough of function & ndash; — The only products with full function, therefore, can be made of a product instead of numerous products of function is not complete, make the selection and use of simplification and simplified.
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