The development direction of regulating valve

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-24
Regulating valve company mainly for the development direction of intelligent, standardized, small, conversion and safety. ( 1) Intelligent and standardization. Regulating valve and standardization of intelligent already mentioned the agenda. Intelligent mainly adopts intelligent gate valve locator. Intelligent performance in the following aspects: (1) adjust the self-diagnosis of the valve, running state of intelligent functions such as remote communication, make the management of the regulating valve is convenient, it easy to fault diagnosis, also reduces the skill requirements for maintenance personnel. (2) reduce the product type, simplify the production process. The intelligent valve positioner door not only can easily change to adjust the flow characteristic of the valve, also can improve the control quality of control system. Therefore, the requirement of the flow characteristic of regulating valve can simplify and standardize ( For example, only production linear regulating valve features) O with intelligent function module implementation and feature matching of the object, and makes the regulating valve product types and varieties of greatly reduced, simplifies the manufacturing process of the regulating valve, and tested and approved in the production and marketing. (3) digital communication. Digital communication will get extensive application in regulating valve, based on the HART communication protocol, some of the regulating valve valve gate valve locator will input signal and a signal in the same line; Based on field bus technology, regulating valve and gate valve positioner, PID control function module combination, make the level of control functions in the field, to scatter risk and make the control more timely, more quickly. (4) intelligent gate valve locator. Intelligent valve door positioning apparatus has all the features of the valve gate locator, at the same time can improve the dynamic and static characteristics of the regulating valve, improve the control precision of the regulating valve, therefore, intelligent valve positioner door will become important in the future a period of time regulating valve auxiliary equipment is widely used. The standardization of regulating valve performance in the following aspects. ( 2) In order to achieve the compatibility, so that the same size and specifications of the regulating valve to swap of different manufacturers, users do not have to spend a lot of time to choose manufacturers. ( 3) In order to achieve interoperability, different manufacturers of regulating valve should be able to work together with other manufacturers products, not happen signal does not match or impedance mismatch.
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