The development of China valve huge market future

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-21
As it is a new type of China valve market, China's valve demand potential and power will be amazing. According to the world giants - water treatment equipment The current forecast the watts industrial group, now China valve market not less than 10 billion yuan of the total annual demand. According to the scientific concept of development, China in order to ensure the future coordinated economic development and improve people's living needs, inevitably will be the construction of infrastructure, such as water, electricity, gas, heat, such as a priority, this is precisely what the valve outlet. First of all is the south-to-north water transfer project in China, only in the length of the suburbs of Beijing and the city 70 km, purchasing amount is as high as tens of millions of yuan for valve, so the south-to-north water transfer project is the demand of the valve. Secondly, to solve the problem of shortage of electric power, the large-scale land on hydropower project is the top priority of the Chinese government not only, also will be a long-term task. In addition, there is the west to east gas pipeline, reconstruction of the old industrial base, city pipe network construction, residential engineering, sewage treatment, irrigation and water conservancy, and many other projects will detonate the vast market demand in the valve. However, in the face of such a large future market, China's valve manufacturing enterprises can really benefit from how much food to order in compete with the foreign capital, the gap between them how much of these problems, China valve manufacturer * I'm afraid to care about. Gap in * *, brand influence. According to the data shows, many valve manufacturing enterprises in various fields, its brand effect is obviously superior to the domestic enterprises. In water treatment industry, including the German valve Angle ( VAG) , the United States watts ( Watts) Brands have laid a leadership position in the market; In the field of electric power, the wei LAN ( Velan) Good is one of the leader; In the petrochemical industry, everywhere can see the fisher ( Fisher) KTM, Japan '; Under high pressure conditions, the engineers first think of the German wood ( Uhde) And basf ( BASF) 。 Second, the gap between industrial structure. Valve manufacturing enterprises in our country the small size, low industrial concentration through. According to watts master data, at present, the domestic has about 3000 valve manufacturing companies, the number of * * in the world. But it mostly low level, small scale, the cottage industry enterprise, annual sales revenue of 5 million yuan of less than 500, annual sales income over one hundred million yuan only a dozen of enterprise, market share in the sum of the top 10 enterprises in the market share is only 8% ~ 9%. Caused by industrial concentration was low, the backward technology, low price competition, the lack of influential brands, and many other adverse factors, makes such a huge China valve market haven't in the true sense of brand. Third, the specialized degree of gap. As a kind of general plumbing valves, which is widely applied in many areas, including water conservancy and hydropower, urban pipeline, petroleum and petrochemical, sewage treatment and so on industries. Due to different industries and different projects in the condition of different conditions, the respect such as medium, the seal, the valve device model, the material, the pressure grade of technical requirements are also different, which also contributed to the further market segmentation of valve equipment for different industries. In this case, the chosen professional valve manufacturing enterprise development path, they have equipment can not meet the needs of production of single valve, but through the way of product line expansion or seek cooperation, is committed to provide the overall solution for the entire project. Mentioned us watts is a typical representative, * at the beginning, they just production dedicated to the valve in the field of water treatment, but now, they can even be independent building a water plant. Fourth, the whole industry chain. As a kind of mechanical equipment, valve production in the downstream of the whole industry chain, including steel, sealing material, and the development level of mechanical processing and other industries will be important influence on the technical parameters of valve. Strength, ductility, corrosion resistance of steel valve directly influence of high pressure resistance, corrosion resistance; Sealing material production level determines the valve applicable media and can withstand the pressure; Machining accuracy but also influence the interface seal, valve head and valve seat seal grade of important factor. But in our country, the several aspects of technology, there are certain gap compared with foreign and thus led to the domestic valve manufacturing enterprises in the production of first-class products, frustrated by the relevant technology. The development of China's valve future huge market analyses: national nuclear power demand policy promotes the development of nuclear power valve enterprise how to view and respond to wenzhou run tide?
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