The development of the pump valve industry facing four major disadvantage

by:AIRWOLF     2020-06-07
The pump valve industry and real estate, construction, industry, are linked to the development of the industry of the project. In recent years, are the domestic good investment environment and infrastructure policy continued to deepen, China's valve industry sustained growth will lead to the development of new opportunities. Champ consulting machinery industry analysts pointed out that: although, domestic valve industry prospects, but there are also some disadvantages. One is: the iron and steel as raw materials, pump valve industry in today's environment pressure increase gradually, it needs transformation. The steel industry will face the risk of production, the cut steel price increase will result in a short time, lead to increase in the cost of the pump valve industry, short-term price fluctuations caused by pump valve industry. So the pump valve industry will be affected by the larger. The second is: in recent years, China's valve industry has developed rapidly, not only the pump valve production level has greatly improved, the production has increased sharply. But which may be embarrassing, and small and medium private enterprises in the process of valve growth is more, a larger proportion. However, the large pump valve enterprise domestic valve industry brand is not strong, the market less competitive. From the perspective of the development status of the pump valve industry, pump valve industry itself is faced with the risk of backward production capacity. Three is: under the influence of the financial crisis, steel, construction and its upstream and downstream industry market contracted sharply, to depend on the industry development of the pump valve industry is undoubtedly a fatal blow. Although the financial crisis to a certain extent had a negative impact on China's valve industry, but also makes the pump valve industry has also exposed the shortcomings, under the market economy system evolution, much progress has been. Four is: pump valve industry in China is very vast domestic market, and the export market is slightly & other; Thin & throughout; 。 According to the 2009 released champ consulting Chinese pump valve, compressor and hydraulic pneumatic machinery industry deep investigation and research, investment consulting report shows: & other; Five-year & throughout; During the pump valve industry helps to real development road of new industrialization, according to the direction of resource saving and environment friendly society development. Benefited from the financial crisis, as a result of the pump valve industry in our country orders, raw material prices rise began the industry evolution, some backward production capacity to be eliminated from them to make the pump valve industry & other; Travel light & throughout; , and got a better space for development. Pump valve industry development is facing four major adverse factors in the valve industry in China and abroad first gap evident in the valve industry valve technical seminar and valve new product new technology exchange meeting was held in Beijing
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