The difference between butterfly valve and gate valve | difference between butterfly valve and ball valve

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-23
The difference between butterfly valve and gate valve | butterfly valve and ball valve butterfly valve, gate valve, ball valve as the name suggests is the difference between a valve, only according to the different structure and USES to distinguish the different name only, but belong to a kind of valve, and is the most conventional three valve valve inside. First of all, we do a simple explanation of three kinds of valve: 1, the butterfly valve butterfly valve used in actual working condition, it is made up of body, disc, stem, gland, packing and seat sealing. Butterfly valve is controlled by a valve stem head across the body size, butterfly plate in the middle is fixed, the valve stem can only make a 90 - degree rotation around the stem, and the body 0 degrees, is closed, and the body is 90 degrees, is open. Butterfly valve due to the relatively save space, so it is suitable for large diameter, the market can do 5 meters of the diameter of the hard sealing and 6 m diameter of 8 meters in diameter and soft sealing ventilation butterfly valve. Generally in hydraulic turbine import or the circulating water pump outlet, fitted with a large diameter butterfly valve, used as a switch is used. Butterfly valves have some disadvantages, however, is not very reliable sealing, high pressure, can't do is now the biggest can do 100 market pressure, also limited to below 600 diameter, diameter more than 600, most also can only do 40 pressure, diameter, the greater the pressure can do the less. Because of the butterfly valve has simple structure, convenient use, the same caliber, compared to other valves price cheap, so the butterfly valve is currently in market share is the biggest of all. Especially after the introduction of three eccentric structure, overcome the many problems of butterfly valve before, the dosage of the butterfly valve is more and more by customers love and favor. 2, the dosage of gate valve gate valve in actual working condition is also very big, it is made up of body, disc, valve shaft, gland, filling and sealing seat. Gate valve is the valve body processing two sealing surface inside, and then the disc is in the same slope processing two sealing surface, and then by the stem to the valve disc up and down, up and down to complete valve opening and closing. Gate is due to the two sealing surface, so the sealing performance is very good, at present can do 250 pressure, but the gate due to structure a little more complex, not suitable for large diameter, so the basic can do 800 diameter. On the increasingly sophisticated processing facilities in the future, I believe gate to break the limit of do large caliber, gate valve will be more and more is applied to various fields. 3, ball valve, ball valve used in reality as the processing technology is becoming increasingly mature. It mainly include the ball valve body, valve core, Is the valve ball) The valve stem, gland, filling and sealing seat. Principle of ball valves and butterfly valves are similar, the only difference is the ball valve internal parts is a ball, there is not much explanation. Below we analysis the difference between the three kinds of valve, butterfly valve and gate valve 1 butterfly valve sealing performance was less than the difference between a gate, the actual reliability as gate valve, butterfly valve is suitable for large caliber, gate cannot do large caliber, butterfly valve structure is relatively simple, gate is relatively complex, with the diameter of the butterfly valve and gate valve, butterfly valve is cheap in the gate. 2, the difference between butterfly valve and ball valve butterfly valve flow resistance in higher relative ball valve, ball valve and gate valve, only suitable for small diameter, large diameter butterfly valve can do. Small ball valves is much cheaper than butterfly valve, but a little bit bigger, butterfly valve price has great advantage. The above is my company based on years of practical experience to summarize a little knowledge, hope to help you. Shigeru letter valve WWW. zjxmfm。 com
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