The difference between electric butterfly valve, gate valve and globe valve

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-18
1, the working principle of the gate valve: gate valve gate, linear motion, with the stem call lifting lever gate also rising stem gate valves. Usually in lifting lever on the trapezoidal thread, through the valve at the top of the nut and guide groove on the valve body, the rotation movement into linear motion, which is the operating torque thrust into operation. Cut-off valve: the valve plays an cut off in its line in the medium and the important role of throttle, cut-off valve, as a kind of extremely important truncated class valves, which exert torque on the valve stem seal, valve stem in axial direction to the pressure on the disc, the valve sealing surface and the valve seat sealing surface fit closely, prevent leakage of medium along the gaps between the sealing surface. Explosion-proof electric wire stainless steel ball valve mouth explosion-proof electric hard seal butterfly valve electromagnetic flowmeter 2, advantages and disadvantages of the advantages and disadvantages of gate valve, flow resistance is small. Body internal media channel is direct, medium flows in a straight line, small flow resistance. More energy when opening and closing. Is compared with the cut-off valve, because whether on or off, ram direction are vertical to the phase with medium flow. But easy cause erosion and abrasion, surface maintenance more difficult. Dimension is bigger, open needs certain space, open and close time is long. The structure is complex. The advantages and disadvantages of stop valve, cut-off valve structure simple than gate valves, manufacturing and maintenance are convenient. Sealing surface is not easy to wear and scratches, good sealing, when opening and closing without the relative difference between the disc and body sealing surface. 3 gate valve repair, maintenance process, is not suitable for pipeline at the scene, and most of the cut-off valve seat and valve disc, can change online, without the whole valve, removed from the pipeline, for the valve and pipeline welding as a body, is very suitable for. Through the gate and globe valve working principle, advantages and disadvantages, the structure, maintenance process of content analysis, we can further understand the characteristics of the valve, although in some areas, using the difference between what kind of valve is not so important, but with the development of economy, many industry demand is also increasing, choosing the right valve may have very important influence in the work.
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