The difference between the pneumatic control valve and electric control valve

by:AIRWOLF     2020-06-11
Pneumatic control valve and the difference between an electric regulating valve, electric regulating valve performance characteristics: electric regulating valve by electric actuators and regulating valve, its main features are: 1, light weight, beautiful shape. 2, alternative on the function of many function is not complete products, make the modelling is simplified, solves the complexity in factory management, selection, maintenance workload big shortcoming. 3, electric regulating valve is adjustable than large, generally can reach 100, and from 10% to 90% of the opening can guarantee good regulatory. 4, smooth movement, high reliability, and can solve the traditional valve leakage big fatal structure defects. 5, on and off features excellent, leakage quantity is zero, to solve the traditional valve leakage big fatal structure defects. 6, good ability to overcome the pressure difference, prevent function, flow is the most simple, no adjustment, KV value maximum, & quot; Self-cleaning & quot; The best performance. 7, electric regulating valve of flow characteristic is approximate equal percentage. Flow characteristic and the actual work, because there is always before the valve, the valve after pressure difference, the traditional regulating valve of the actual curve will happen a lot of distortion is small, so it not only has good regulation performance, but also has good economy and energy saving. 8, compared with the pneumatic control valve, electric regulating valve with power supply convenient and save, save the building air station, a series of trouble. 9, electric regulating mechanism of high precision and resolution can reach 1/1000, low operation cost, no maintenance. 10, according to actual use environment, use four fluorine lining of ceramic ball valve door or fully lined ceramic hard seal ball valve door, in order to obtain higher corrosion resistance and wear resistance. Two, pneumatic control valve performance characteristics: pneumatic control valve by pneumatic actuators and regulating valve, its main features are: 1, the high strength aluminum extrusion cylinder, the inner surface by fine grinding and hard anodic oxidation treatment, long service life, low friction coefficient and action quickly. More than 2 compact, beautiful, modern modelling, specifications of the series of products to make selection more economical. 3, choose high quality bearing surfaces of all activities, low friction, long life, no noise. 4, install two independent external regulating mechanism, facilitate & plusmn; 5° Fully open or close position adjustment. 5, the piston and the end cover adopt the die casting aluminum alloy, high strength, light weight. 6, change the seals, can be applied to high or low temperatures. 7, according to the need to provide a variety of trips and three type pneumatic actuators. 8, simple control, and intrinsically safe. Don't need another explosion protection measures. 9, but the basic error and sensitivity, low is in need of improvement. By the known: electric regulating valve and its basic error sensitivity reached 0. 3%, in other to establish gas source, the occasion of not meeting the requirements of explosion-proof high. And pneumatic valves to its fundamental error and sensitivity to 0. 5%, but also to establish another air supply station, but its essence security. Suitable for explosion-proof demanding situations.
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