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The double eccentric butterfly valve main features high performance

by:AIRWOLF     2021-01-25

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double eccentric butterfly valve's main features:

1 design and unique structure, double pressure, the valve strength: ASME B16, 34, API 598

2, the structure of the whole series of pressure ring

3, the structure of the whole series with electrostatic guide structure

4, accord with explosion-proof certification: ATEX 94/9 / CE Group II Category 2 GD

5, the whole diameter through the API 607 fire test

6, metal conform to the ANSI FCI 70 - seat leakage level 2 - 2003 Table 1 CLASS IV

7, valve shaft from conforms to the EPA Method test and TA - 21 LUFT dissipation discharge requirements ( 选项)

keyword: double eccentric high performance butterfly valves

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