The electric ball valve door technology principle

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-17
Electric ball valve door principle: electric ball valve door is by the plug type ball valve door and electric actuators, ball valve gate valve body to rotate it 90 degree of the valve core structure, electric actuators for 0 - Standard signal of 10 ma, electricity unit turbine driven gear and worm rotation torque, to switch and regulator MOE. Its use is mainly rely on electricity flow regulating operation. Electric ball valve door: commonly used how rotary electric actuator, single rotary, intelligent, straight travel quarter-turn actuators, electric actuators, explosion-proof actuators, small actuators, etc. Gate and ball valves are floating ball valve door, fixed ball valve door, O type ball valve door, v-shaped ball valve door, the 3-way ball valve door, etc. Its execution and ball valve gate configuration can produce a variety of products together. Can also add a control box for its use as a remote operation, at the same time on the actuator to add other accessories also can achieve more features, such as adding electrical locator for flow control, resistance/current valve position transducer can be used for the valve opening instructions and control, the handwheel institutions can be manual operation, in the absence of current is commonly used in other accessories also insulation sleeve, explosion-proof switch, etc. First selection can be offset according to the working condition and our technical engineer right choice for you. Electric ball valve door application: table I electric ball valve door is now in the oil, gas, pharmaceutical, food, water and electricity, nuclear power, electricity, water supply and drainage, heating, widely used in metallurgical and other industries, is vital to the defense construction machinery products. At the same time is indispensable to construction of science and technology products. It occupies the volume small, the performance can be a lot of market share, mainly because of strong electric ball valve door, by and large flow capacity, light and pleasant, but a variety of reasons, such as remote control electric ball valve door is not only a throttle, globe, cut off, turn on and off, the flow of good products, or flow control system of the preferred products. It has pressure, heat resistance, corrosion resistance, small flow resistance, long service life, wide application range, and other characteristics. Electric ball valve door note: obtaining the environment temperature should be controlled in - 25℃- Within 70 ℃. Denominated in several circumstances should choose explosion-proof electric ball valve door, current is not stable, environmental corrosion, flammable and explosive occasions, special medium, long time no maintenance and so on. To the complex mechanism, when a failure is should not be removed, to prevent the accident. Looking shall not, under any circumstances for electric ball valve door to knock or put together items. And maintain the cleanliness of the surrounding environment and to test the valve door maintenance on schedule. Electric ball valve door classification: minister electric ball valve door is mainly divided into: electric ball valve gate PVC ball valves, electric gate to the clamp fixed ball valve, electric type ball valve door, electric door, electric floating ball valve door, electric v-shaped ball valve door, electric o-type ball valve door, electric 3-way ball valves, electric explosion-proof ball valve door, electric door eccentric ball valve gate
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