The factors affecting the development of control valves industry

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-21
The factors affecting the development of control valve industry ( Control valves regulating valves, mainly electric control valve, pneumatic control valve, self-reliance type control valve, electric ball valves/butterfly valves, pneumatic ball valves/butterfly valves, etc. ) : 1. National preferential policies to encourage foreign investment enterprises and: since the reform and development, parts of the country to attract foreign investment, foreign investment enterprises to launch the corresponding preferential policies. Preferential policy, has great attraction for foreign companies to invest in China, this is because after China's reform and opening up, political has been relatively stable, and gradually perfect the legal construction, * the main point is China's cheap labor, lower production cost. China's vast territory, the regional preferential policies are also different. Some simplified procedure, some tax breaks. Across the valve industry, generally the factory built a relatively developed area in economy, this is because the control valve factory is assembly plant, a lot of element is in the domestic processing. And processing industry developed area, is also the area where the economy more developed, such as Beijing, tianjin, Shanghai, jiangsu and other coastal regions. 2. Tariff adjustment: control valve belongs to the instrument industry, do not belong to national key protection industry, with China's entering WTO, tariffs on control valves are also gradually decline, reduced tariffs, will lead to import brand valve price decline, the impact of domestic brands of control valve. At present, the well-known control valves are almost all import brand, but with the speeding up of these imported brand products localization process, most of the components in the domestic production, the key components imported from abroad, and import tariffs are low, so that the production cost will reduce gradually, will become more and more competitive advantage. 3. Industrial policy: for control valve industry, the country almost no restriction on the development of the industry, almost completely according to the market rules to development. Brands in the fierce competition in the market. The change of the control valve related industrial policy, but have a great influence on the development of control valves industry. Such as, the change of the electric power industry, petrochemical industry, industrial policy, the impact on the control valve market is enormous. Countries opening up after the big petrochemical group in China's investment abroad, many large group, such as basf, shell, such as increased investment in China, which stimulates the development of the control valve market. China general machinery industry association valve branch sixth second member representatives meeting China's valve industry valve industry with foreign gap is more obvious
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