The features and applications of water seal gate valve gate

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-24
Water seal gate valve door is suitable for the working pressure 1. 6 ~ 10. 0 mpa, the working temperature of 0 ~ 425 ℃ heat power return water condensing system and petroleum, chemical industry and on atmospheric insulated pipeline, cut off or connect medium, applicable medium: water, oil, steam and non-corrosive gases. , characteristics and USES of one, S/Z series opening and closing flexible, fast, reliable sealing, usually adopt double ram two-way elastic seal; 2, reasonable product structure is simple, compact, easy maintenance, long service life; 3, in the pipeline for opening and closing device, must be in full open or full close status, shall not be used to adjust flow; 4, a way to connect the valve door flange and welding machine has two, driving mode for manual and electric and complicated structure. Gate valve can be divided by sealing surface configuration wedge gate valve gate door and parallel sluice gate valve door, wedge gate valve gate door gate type single, double disc and flexible disc. Parallel slide gate valve door can be divided into single ram and double ram. According to the valve rod thread position, can be divided into rising stem gate valve gate and two non-rising stem gate door. Second, the water seal gate valve gate design and manufacturing standards of design and manufacturing: GB12234 flange dimensions: GB9113 JB7490 pressure temperature: JB/T74 GB9131 structure length: GB/T12221 inspection and test: JB/T9092 GB13927 three nominal pressure, the main performance specification ( MPa) Shell strength test 1. 0 to 1. June 2. 5. 4. 0 6. 4 to 10. 1 0 sealing test. 5. 2. 4. 3. August 6. 0 to 9. June 15. 1 0 on sealing test. 1 1. August 2. August 4. 4 7. 0 11. 1 0 gas seal test. 1 1. August 2. August 4. 4 7. 0 11. Scope of product type is used for temperature (0 ℃) Applicable medium carbon steel type & le; 425 water, steam, oil, non corrosive gas alloy & le; 540, the major parts material product type four parts name valve body, valve cover, the valve rod sealing face, valves, valve, gate valve seat sealing surface of valve stem nut filler alloy steel ( I) WCB Cr5Mol 20 cr1mo1va carbide cobalt base alloy aluminum bronze type flexible graphite carbon steel ( C) WCB Cr13 1 or 2 Cr13 Cr13 stainless steel or hard alloy stainless steel aluminum bronze flexible graphite
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