The first valve technical seminar and valve new product new technology exchange meeting was held in Beijing

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-21
On November 11 - 12, 2011, the first valve technical seminar and energy new technology and new product special requirements for valve exchange meeting was held in Beijing. From petrochemical industry, coal chemical, thermal power, nuclear power and other experts agree that in the field of domestic valve from material selection, product design, manufacturing capacity together, the management level, improving the quality of products, improve the market share of domestic valve. China petroleum and petrochemical equipment industrial association, vice director of YouYiPing said at the meeting, the valve product quality and technical level is related to petroleum, chemical, electric power, nuclear industry, oil and gas development in various fields, such as transmission and ocean engineering. Valve enterprises should set out from downstream user demand, pay attention to the core technology research and development, strengthen management, change the current situation, the low level of competition push valve products to high technology content, high parameter, strong corrosion resistance, high life direction development, to enhance the overall competitiveness of the industry. From sinopec, cnooc, shenhua group companies such as experts in combination with the actual production situation of energy chemical industry project technical requirements of the valve products. They argue that in the field of oil refining, due to the import of crude oil in recent years more for high sulfur or heavy crude, and downstream chemical industry, automobile and other industries of raw oil quality requirements is increasing day by day, the development of hydrogenation technology become a refined oil products, modification and important technology of heavy oil processing measures. However, hydrotreating, hydrocracking and residue hydrodesulfurization process with high temperature and high pressure, hydrogen sulfide corrosion degree is high, so the hydrogenation of high pressure valves in corrosion resistance, safe and reliable with a certain high standard requirements. In the LNG ( Liquefied natural gas) Field of cryogenic valves become natural gas liquefaction plants and LNG receiving station use * more kinds of valve, domestic valve material design in the field of low temperature, and the sealing performance of product model has a big gap with foreign advanced level. Learned, shenhua group is located in the ordos coal of China's first set of device to run for a few years, is used in great quantities of coal direct liquefaction of metal seal wear resistant valve because the body structure, material selection and processing way of existing problems, led to the use of damaged, problems such as leakage at high temperature and valve life and quality needs to be improved. This conference sponsored by the China petroleum and petrochemical equipment industrial association, valve technology research institute hosted in Beijing, more than 200 delegates to attend the meeting. The first valve technical seminar and new technology new product exchange meeting was held in Beijing pump valve valve industry development is facing four major disadvantages of domestic valve standard council to develop the intelligent valve electric actuator
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