The floating ball valve door is introduced

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-15
Sphere without fixed axis ball valve door, known as the floating ball valve gate. Floating ball ball valve gate valve body has two valve seat ring, clamping a sphere between them, there is hole on a sphere, the diameter of the hole is equal to the inner diameter of the pipeline, said full bore ball valve gate; The diameter of the hole is slightly smaller than the inner diameter of the pipe, said reducing ball valve gate. A sphere with the aid of the valve rod can rotate freely in the valve seat sealing ring. When open, aim the ball hole and pipe diameter, have minimum guarantee pipeline working medium resistance. When the valve rod rotation 1/4 round ball holes perpendicular to the channel of the valve gate, depend on two valve seat seal of pre-tightening force and medium pressure ball tightly pressed on the outlet valve seat ring, thus ensuring the valve door completely sealed. Single force, this ball valve door seal.
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