The installation of boiler safety valve requirements

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-23
Safety valve installation shall meet the following requirements: ( l) Rated capacity greater than zero. 5 t/h boiler, installed at least two safety valves: rated evaporation is less than or equal to zero. 5 t/h boiler, at least with a safety valve. Split the economizer exit, steam superheater safety valve must be installed at the exit. ( 5) Safety valve and connecting pipe of boiler, its cross-sectional area should not be less than the safety valve of the cross-sectional area of imports. If several safety valve installed on a common attached directly to the drum of the short tube, the access of the short tube cross-sectional area should not step in all the safety valve exhaust steam area 1. 25 times. ( 6) General safety valve should be installed exhaust steam pipe, steam pipe should be road safety, and have enough area, ensure the exhaust steam flow. Safety valve at the bottom of the exhaust pipe should be put on AIRS have received safety drain pipe, on the exhaust pipe and drain pipe, are not allowed to furnish the valve gate. ( 2) Safety valve should be installed vertically in the pot, the top of the header. Between the safety valve and the drum or header, shall not be equipped with access steam outlet pipe and valve gate. ( 3) Lever type safety valve to prevent heavy hammer to mobile devices and on its own limitation lever deviant guide frame, spring loaded safety valves must be improve and prevent in hand twisted casually adjusting screw of the device. ( 4) For the rated steam pressure is less than or equal to 3. 82 mpa boiler safety valve throat diameter should not less than 25 mm: rated steam pressure is greater than 3. 82 mpa boiler safety valve throat diameter should not less than 20 mm.
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