The installation of the pneumatic control valve condition is how?

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-17
Pneumatic control valve when installation should meet the following conditions: 1, pneumatic control valve installation position, the request has the certain height from ground, valve up to leave a certain space, disassembling and repairing for valve. For regulating valve, equipped with pneumatic valve positioner and a handwheel must ensure that the operation, observation and easy to adjust. 2, regulating valve should be installed in horizontal pipe runs with them up and down and the vertical pipe, typically under the valve to support, to ensure stable and reliable. Regulator level needed for special occasions, when installed in a vertical pipe, also should be the regulator for support, small regulator. When installation, to avoid to bring additional stress to the regulator. 3, working environment temperature regulator must be ( - - - - - - 30 ~ + 60) Relative humidity is not more than 95% 95%, the relative humidity is not greater than 95%. 4, before and after the valve position should be straight pipe, the length is not less than 10 times the pipe diameter ( 10 d) To avoid the straight pipe is too short and affect the flow characteristic. 5, the calibre of the valve and process piping is not at the same time, reducing pipe connection should be adopted. In small diameter when regulator is installed, can be threaded connections. Flow direction arrow on the valve body shall be consistent with the direction of flow. 6, to set up the by-pass pipe. Purpose is to facilitate the switch or a manual operation, but without stopping the regulator for maintenance. 7, the regulator to thoroughly clean the pipe before installation of foreign body, such as dirt, slag, etc. Install regulator should pay special attention to: 1, the valve should be installed in horizontal pipe runs vertically, as in the special cases need level and tilt installed, usually to add support. 2, was elected the nominal size of the regulating valve and process pipe diameter is not at the same time, should be equipped with reducing joint to connect. 3, installation site should have good environmental conditions, the environment temperature should be in - 25~ 55℃。 4, try to avoid installed in places that have requirements of seismic source, otherwise the necessary shockproof reinforcement measures should be taken. 5, when installation, must make the direction or the arrow on the flange on the valve body pointing in the direction of medium. 6, before the installation, it is necessary to carefully remove the pipe welding slag and other sundry; After the installation, should make the valve core is in the biggest opening, and the pipe and valve cleaning again, in case of sundry jam and damage the throttling. 7, pneumatic control valve should be installed in the position of easy to maintain, repair. Eight straight pipe, valve should be as long as possible. 9 and outlet piping application 3 ~ 5 pipe diameters of straight pipe. 10, in order to ensure that the regulator and regulating system failure does not affect the production and safety accidents occur, are generally need to install the bypass and the bypass valve. Regulating valve should be installed before and after cut-off valve for high temperature and high pressure, easy to cold, viscous medium, and the installation guide deluge valve. The bypass valve cannot be installed in the valve, in order to avoid the bypass valve leakage of corrosive medium to the regulator.
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