The ko push the new electromagnetic valve

by:AIRWOLF     2020-06-19
Best new ke push new solenoid valve solenoid valve solenoid valve factory of China compressor network times has extended its best ko fluid technology company located in New Jersey electromagnetic isolation valve production line, enable it to produce with large flow, strengthen learning inert electromagnetic isolation valve. New electromagnetic isolation valve is unique in that it can provide a fluid channel with large size, the pathway completely made up of inert non-metallic materials, has a strong chemical corrosion resistance. L series solenoid valves are chemical analysis and in vitro diagnosis and environmental analysis in areas such as the user's ideal choice. All wetware by PTFE ( Ptfe) Material composition, to many corrosive solution has good chemical compatibility. L series electromagnetic isolation valve structure is compact, can very conveniently and equipment integration. All isolation valves are from hundreds of ke fluid a electromagnetic drive mechanism. Drive mechanism and the road was completely isolated an elastic diaphragm, making driving mechanism does not have any contact with the liquid, this means that the driving mechanism of the material do not need to have very strong chemical corrosion resistance, thus greatly reduce the cost of the customer. Driving mechanism can move up to twenty million times, and ensure the L series electromagnetic isolation long service life.
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