The latest purchasing fluorine road way solenoid valve tender procurement announcement

by:AIRWOLF     2020-06-19
Latest purchasing fluorine road pass announcement solenoid valve solenoid valve bid procurement procurement procurement navigation network admin time AAA project name fluorine road way solenoid valve. Partition BBB bidding / / item number/CCC/partition principle/DDD/partition to award the tender content and main technical parameters of fluorine road way solenoid valve LD Ⅱ partition EEE bid opening time / / / / partition FFF tender purchase start time partition GGG tender purchase deadline / / / / partition HHHH purchase tender documents location knit ping county wei spinning way / / partition III tender purchase price ( Yuan) 。 / / partition JJJ margin amount ( Yuan) 。 / / partition KKK instructions for quick quotation, offer tax, inclusive of delivery charges. Must ensure the quality, indicating any spot and delivery date. / / / / to the partition name 'LLL shandong weiqiao pioneering group co
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