The main advantage of the pneumatic actuators

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-18
Valve actuators and regulating mechanism of pneumatic actuators is a unified whole, the executing agency with diaphragm and piston type two kinds. Piston stroke length, suitable for a greater thrust required; The diaphragm stroke is small, can only be direct drive valve stem. Due to the actuator has a simple structure, export thrust large, action is stable and reliable, and safe explosion-proof, etc, in power plant, chemical industry, oil refining, such as the safety requirements of high production process has a wide range of applications. Accept continuous gas signal, the output linear displacement ( After add electricity/gas conversion device, also can accept the continuous electrical signal) , some with rocker arm, but the output angular displacement. Have a positive, the reaction function. Movement speed, but slowed speed when the load increases, the output force is related to operating pressure. High reliability, but after air break valve cannot keep ( After the position control valve can keep) 。 Inconvenience to implement piecewise control and program control. Maintenance is simple and good adaptability to environment. The output power is larger. With functions of explosion-proof.
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