The main parameters of electric valve device

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-18
1, operating torque: electric actuator output torque should be valve operation maximum moment of 1. 2 to 1. 5 times. Operating thrust of electric valve device host structure can be divided into no configuration thrust plate and configuration of thrust plate two kinds. Don't thrust plate of electric valve device can be directly output torque, and configuration of thrust plate device output torque of electric valve is to pass the thrust plate of stem nut can be converted into output thrust. 2, output shaft rotation ring count: the number of laps electric valve device output shaft rotation with nominal diameter of the valve, the valve stem thread pitch, thread, according to M = H/ZS computing ( M for electric devices should satisfy the total number of rotating ring, H is height of valve opens, S for stem drive screw pitch, Z for the stem thread) 。 3, to consider the valve stem diameter in multi-turn rising stem valves. If electric device allows the largest stem diameter can't through the stem of the valve, cannot assemble into electric valve. As a result, the inner diameter of the hollow output shaft electric actuator must be greater than rising stem valves stem diameter. In parts of rotary valve and multi-turn valves non-rising stem valves, although need not consider stem diameter through the problem, but also should fully consider when selecting the valve stem diameter and the size of the keyway, after assembly to work properly. 4, opening and closing speed: if the output speed of the valve opening and closing speed too fast, easy to produce water hammer phenomenon, at this time should be used according to different conditions, choosing the proper opening and closing speed. In this paper, from the east the control release, reproduced please indicate
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