The main performance specification and pneumatic rubber diaphragm valve characteristics and working principle

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-20
- - - - - - - - - - - - : Shanghai instrument co. , LTD. , the main production' Pneumatic rubber diaphragm valve 】 , is the domestic well-known 'diaphragm valve manufacturers, for the general customers to build elegant appearance, reasonable price, after-sale guarantee the high quality of the Rubber lining pneumatic diaphragm valve. ; Our company constantly adopting new materials, new technology safeguard EGJ pneumatic rubber diaphragm valve products for working condition of applicability, long life and other characteristics, mountain instrument to provide you with the pneumatic diaphragm valve type standard, the size of the structure, principle, installation, maintenance and other detailed specifications. Summary of rubber lining pneumatic diaphragm valve purpose and main performance specifications. This series of diaphragm valve according to different depending on the wrapping material, suitable for different fluid pipeline under different temperature, opening and closing mechanism as control medium flow. 。 Various visual wrapping material recommended range of structural characteristics and mechanism. The difference between the valves and other valves adopted the structure of the stuffing box; Rubber diaphragm can make the flow passage of corrosive medium and all components of the drive is in a state of isolation, to keep the valve usually & other; Run, run, drip, leak & throughout; Such abuses. 。 As a result of the diaphragm valve flow is smooth, small flow resistance, thus can obtain larger flow. 。 Recognizing the rubber diaphragm valve body cavity surface after hall choose from a variety of rubber. Therefore has the characteristics of superior corrosion resistance. 。 Because of the seal for elastic rubber diaphragm. Therefore also has good sealing and little closing force. 。 This valve by valve body, valve cover, valve disc, valve stem, diaphragm and other driving components, etc. 。 Opening and closing of the valve is to achieve by rotating the handwheel. This valve in the valve cover the top with can see the valve opening or closing position display color, to indicate the valve opening and closing schedule. When placing the handwheel clockwise, the handwheel is down, the disc drive then the decline of the diaphragm pathway truncate; Valve is open, conversely color don't show. 。 This valve USES the standards, in accordance with the provisions of GB and conform to the requirements of BS. Pneumatic rubber diaphragm valve pneumatic diaphragm valve | | | rubber lining pneumatic diaphragm valve
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