The maintenance of the filters

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-16
In the process of transportation, installation and use will be carried out in accordance with the requirements, to ensure the use effect. All kinds of filters in use after a period of time, due to capture the dust filter material surface, so that the efficiency of the filter and resistance to drop, affect the supply air cleanliness, need to replace filters in time right now. All kinds of filter before installation, are not allowed to open the packaging or packaging film; And according to the packing on deposit in the direction of the filter; In the process of handling, to should take put down, light, avoid violent vibration and impact. For high efficiency filter, installation direction must be correct; Combination with corrugated plate filter installed in the vertical direction, corrugated plate must be perpendicular to the ground; Filter in the connection between the vertical and frame, it is strictly prohibited, plastic deformation, breakage and leakage, leakage after installation must ensure that the wall clean, no dust, grease, rust and debris, etc. Inspection method: to observe or white silk cloth to wipe. Hepa filter before installation, must to comprehensive cleaning, wipe clean room, to purify the air conditioning system internal dust, if any, shall be clean, wipe again, meet the requirements of clean. As in the technical sandwich or high efficiency filter installed in the ceiling, the technology layer or the ceiling should also conduct a comprehensive cleaning, wipe. Transportation and storage and high efficiency filter should be in accordance with the manufacturer logo direction on hold. In the process of transportation, to should take put down gently, prevent violent vibration and impact, do not allow wild loading and unloading. Hepa filter before installation, must be installed on site apart packaging appearance inspection, content including: filter paper, sealant and frame is damaged; Side length, the size of the diagonal and the thickness is in line with the requirements; Frame with and without burrs and rusty spot ( Metal frame) ; Presence of product certification, technical performance is in line with the design requirements. Then according to the national standard 'clean room' specification for construction and acceptance (JGJ71 - The regulation of 90] of the inspection method. Qualified should be installed immediately. Cleanliness level is equal to and above 100 grade clean room with high efficiency filter, before installation shall be in accordance with the 'clean room construction and acceptance standard' (JGJ71 - 90] of the regulation methods of leak detection, and meet the prescribed requirements. Installing a high efficiency filter, the casing outside the arrow should be on the air flow in the same direction; When the vertical installation, filter paper crease direction should be perpendicular to the ground. Installation of thick plate type or folded filter, should make galvanized mesh surface on the back of the wind direction. Bag filter installation, should make the filter bag length direction is perpendicular to the ground, do not make the filter bag direction parallel to the ground installation; Under the condition of normal use, tablet, folding effect filter, in effect or general 1 & ndash; Replaced every February, replaced the filter material down can be used after soaking in the water, wash with detergent, and then dry change; Flush 1 - general After 2 times, new filter must be replaced, in order to guarantee the filtration efficiency. For efficient filter bag thick effect or, under the condition of normal use, Eight hours a day on average, continuous operation) , use commonly 3 - 4 months that should replace; For the high efficiency filter, under the condition of normal use, Average 8 hours a day for shipment) , the use of five general & ndash; 6 months, and should be replaced. For above filter, if filter before and after have differential gauge or differential pressure sensor, for coarse filter, when the pressure difference value is greater than 250 pa, need to be replaced; To effectively filter, the pressure difference is greater than 330 pa, need to be replaced; For the high efficiency filter, when the pressure difference value is larger than 400 pa, must be replaced, and the original filters do not reuse; For high efficiency filter, when filter resistance value is greater than 450 pa; Or when the wind surface air velocity to the minimum, even replace crude effect, effectively filter, airflow speed still cannot be enlarged; Or when there is unable to repair the leakage of high efficiency filter surface, shall be replaced a new efficient filter; Like without these conditions, can be used according to the environmental conditions, 1 & ndash; Replaced every 2 years. , in order to give full play to the role of the filter, in the process of selecting and using, the filter head on wind speed, in effect, effectively filter should not be greater than 2. 5 m/s, the high efficiency filter and hepa filter should not be greater than 1. 5 m/s, this is not only beneficial to guarantee the efficiency of the filter, can prolong the service life of filter, cost savings. In the operation of the equipment, generally don't change the filter; As a result of the filter has to change the deadline to stop change, is only allowed on eyes to replace coarse, medium efficiency filter fan is; The efficient filter and high efficiency filter must stop supply, can replace; Filters and gaskets between connection framework, must be tight, no leakage, to ensure the filtering effect. For need of high efficiency filter used in high humidity and high temperature environment, must choose resistance to high temperature, high humidity of filter paper with a partition, the box body material, in order to meet the requirements of production. Biological clean room and pharmaceutical clean room, must choose metal frame filter, and its surface is not easy to rust, not allowed to use the wooden frame filter, to prevent bacteria, affecting the product percent of pass.
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