The market prospect of the pneumatic valve

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-20
In recent years, are the domestic good investment environment and infrastructure policy continued to deepen, China's valve industry sustained growth in the new atmosphere, seize the new opportunities of development, vigorously develop pneumatic ball valves, pneumatic butterfly valve, pneumatic control valve and pneumatic valves. Leading production technology, continuous innovation, the enterprise produces the product variety is complete, presents a picture of a booming development prospects. Just because of such technology, makes pneumatic valve can remain positive development momentum. The 12th five-year plan, the central emphasis on major equipment manufacturing industry of localization strategy, strive for as far as possible in the short term to realize localization of major projects and key valve or partial implementation localization, automation, make the pneumatic valve manufacturing led the world in our country, the golden opportunity of development for the valve manufacturing. Pneumatic valves in industrial processes, mostly used to control all kinds of fluid and marching flow, such as water, oil, chemical liquid, etc. , is based on the parameters such as temperature, pressure and flow rate. Seize the market to the modern factory used the control valve of pneumatic diaphragm regulating valves, pneumatic ball valves, pneumatic butterfly valve, pneumatic diaphragm valve several types such as effort study to create more beautiful, durable pneumatic valve. All kinds of automatic valve is used in the modern factory in, should consider the types of heat engine, the requirements of precision, the quality of the control valve, pressure drop and flow rate and the credit structure, failure rate, manufacturer and after-sales service, to achieve the goal of economical and practical. Pneumatic valve itself have easy assembly, low failure rate, and can meet the demand of industry automation, the advantages of easy installation convenient and can save other costs to make enterprises more competitive and vitality.
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