The new trend of the energy cooperation

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-22
At present, Japan's energy security is a big risk for political and security situation of instability in the Middle East oil and gas resources dependence is too high. After fukushima, Japan will have to rely more on coal-fired power, in 2012 the annual thermal power accounted for the proportion of the total generating capacity of 88. 3%, a record high. So far, Japan source of oil and gas imports are still concentrated in the Middle East, Japan, the Middle East oil imports of dependency risen from 78% in 1973 to 83% by 2012, of which, through or may be wat cloud over the strait of hormuz imported oil up to 80% of total oil imports. In recent years, the United States and other Shale gas revolution & throughout; And the rise of American new axis of oil and gas resources, will help Japan gradually reduce to the unstable regions such as Middle East oil import dependence, to ensure transportation safety is also very good oil and gas resources. Not long ago, the Japanese government proposed & other; Stable supplier for resources & throughout; The concept of the rise of new axis of America's energy supply will make Japan a chance to through relatively stable & other; The Pacific Ocean energy lines & throughout; Increase from the United States, Canada and other Stable supplier for resources & throughout; Energy imports, at the same time, reduce from & other; Unstable supplier & throughout; Through the unstable energy lines ( For example, there are often pirates in the malacca strait, etc. ) Energy imports, in order to maintain its energy security more effectively. To this end, the United States and other Shale gas revolution & throughout; And America is the rise of Japan's energy supply new axis to ensure its energy security a big opportunity. Japan's energy security of the other risk is the risk of nuclear power. Although the fukushima nuclear power plant accident in Japan caused a wave of nuclear power, but did not let the Japanese government and experts despair the nuclear power industry, a period of time in the future, Japan or will be on the premise of grasping the national psychology to bear ability, increase start some existing nuclear plant safety is confirmed, and actively exported to Japan's nuclear power technology and equipment. However, Japan is an earthquake-prone country, the government of Japan in the fourth generation of nuclear power reactors with intrinsically safe before successful development, continue to adhere to the policy of the development of nuclear power inevitably there is a big risk, but completely shut down nuclear power plants means that Japan's energy self-sufficiency will drop to just 4. 3%. This makes Japan is in a dilemma: the development of nuclear power has the security risks of nuclear power in itself, not to develop nuclear power has the risk caused by low energy self-sufficiency. Now, there is an opportunity, or will help get rid of the dilemma in Japan, this is the development of combustible ice. According to the relevant institutions, Japan's offshore flammable ice equivalent to about 100 of Japan's domestic gas consumption, thus combustible ice was Japan's energy industry as the most promising a new generation of energy resources. Instead of the United States in recent years because of the economic recession cutting spending on research and development of combustible ice into, while the Japanese government always adhere to the huge r&d, Japan mining combustible ice technology progress rapidly cause the attention of the United States, the United States has offered to Japan & other; Energy resources throughout the alliance &; 。 Throughout the Pacific, the west is & other; Flammable ice revolution & throughout; , on the east & the other; Shale gas revolution & throughout; , the so-called & other of the two countries; Energy resources throughout the alliance &; If implemented, could not only for the japan-american both energy security into positive energy, and may even to the whole of the international energy structure have a significant impact. Transfer units: always fine letter technology WWW mau valve co. , LTD. zjxmfm。 com
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