The nuclear electromagnetic valve repair scheme

by:AIRWOLF     2020-06-18
Fix time about nuclear electromagnetic valve solenoid valve repair plan about nuclear power plant nuclear reactor fell Friday night closed, so that a pump Yu Xiuli to complete, according to a spokesman for the nuclear power plant operators. The reactor take off line at 8 o 'clock in the evening, Joe said delmar, PSEG nuclear, it run time produce complex artificial island hope here and the other two, a spokesman for the nuclear power plant. Maintenance workers will permanently circulating pump discharge valve, delmar said. Electromagnetic valve caused by the original factory, in order to reduce power in month stops working. Between pump provided by the main steam condenser and cooling tower water. PSEG nuclear worry, if there is no fixed valve, now at the creek may encounter during the summer, the demand for electric power of the highest. Additional maintenance, offline will be held at the same time the unit is delmar said. Delmar announced that the company not clear want to resume production. Hope to have about thousands of families, megawatts, enough capacity. The factory is expected in the autumn refueling interruptions. The two neighbors of nuclear island, and salon reactor, still working at full power. PSEG three nuclear reactor to operate constitute the second largest commercial nuclear facilities in the United States. Solenoid valve factory ( The heavy east brand solenoid valve) The official website HTTP / /
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