The performance and functions of oxygen and pressure relief valve

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-16
A, oxygen and pressure relief valve performance ( 1) Provision it refers to the output of oxygen and pressure relief valve pressure P2 adjustable range, meet the precision within the scope of this requirement. Regulating scope mainly related to pressure regulating spring stiffness. ( 2) Pressure characteristics of fixed value, it refers to the flow of g caused by input pressure fluctuation characteristics of the output pressure fluctuations. The smaller the output pressure fluctuation, the characteristics of pressure relief valve, the better. The output pressure must be less than the input pressure & ndash; Constant value was basically not changes over the input pressure. ( 3) Flow characteristic it refers to the input pressure & ndash; Timing, the output pressure changes along with the change of output flow g resistance. G when the flow changes, the output pressure changes as small as possible. Generally the lower the output pressure, which fluctuates according to the change of output flow. Second, the role of oxygen and pressure relief valve within the action principle of oxygen and pressure relief valve is to rely on the valve port of the local resistance to reduce the pressure of the gas, the scope of the pressure drop by the connection of valve disc film or piston in and out of the gas pressure difference on both sides of the automatic adjustment. The each leg of oxygen and pressure relief valve spring applies only within a certain range of outlet pressure, beyond the scope of a spring should be replaced. For operation, adjustment and maintenance convenience, oxygen and pressure relief valves should be installed in horizontal pipe runs commonly.
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