The performance of the stainless steel butterfly valves and gate valves

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-22
Nominal pressure, nominal diameter of the same standard stainless steel butterfly valves and stainless steel valves which rigor is better, not easy to leak? Of than in sealing butterfly valve gate valve is better, but there is also a manufacturer of butterfly valves sealed performance is good. The gate size is big, take up the space is large. Butterfly valve is small in size, small footprint. Specific use, consider medium temperature, the valve sealing and packing. Rules of nominal diameter greater than 50 with butterfly valves. Elastic metal sealing butterfly valve is a national key new products, high-performance manual butterfly valve USES a double eccentric and a special oblique elliptic cone sealing structure. To solve the traditional eccentric butterfly valve in the opening and closing 0 & deg; ~ 10度; Moments of seal face is still in the sliding contact friction ills, realize the butterfly plate in open the instant sealing surface, the separation, close contact with the sealing effect and prolong the service life, sealed performance is the best.
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