The piston type pressure relief valve assembly procedures and technical requirements

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-16
Piston type pressure relief valve assembly working procedure is commonly: prepare a clean check a shaded check one with the main valve disc a piston installed a pulse valve and one with the regulating spring loaded diaphragm one valve installed to build a quality acceptance of the sorting items (such as Note: in the middle of several working procedures appropriate adjustments can be made according to assembly is a habit) 。 Piston vacuum Que its working content and technical requirements in table 4. The regulation of 15, when assembling, mainly cooperate with precision and surface roughness requirements. In addition, the spring diaphragm pressure relief valve its action principle and structure similar to piston type pressure relief valve. Spring diaphragm pressure relief valve in the film is made of rubber, to replace the diaphragm piston type pressure relief valve, the pulse valve and piston, its structure is more simple. Diaphragm spring pressure relief valve assembly process can be modeled on the piston type pressure relief valve assembly program. 程序 准备 清洗检查 着色检查 装主阀门瓣 装活塞 装脉冲阀门 装调节弹簧 装膜片 上阀门盖 质量验收 整理 工 作 内 容 配齐和 修好阀门件; Production and prepare gasket, the diaphragm; Prepare the necessary tools and materials with kerosene or clear photo development with the valve parts, gasoline scrub the valve body, valve cap, cap, protective casing. Clean, dry, wipe and check valve disc check valve and valve seat, a shaded pulse valve and piston ring and piston, piston cylinder contact printing film, the method can be according to the structure of local assembly check assembly main valve disc, the main valve spring, end cover, make the main valve disc and valve seat, guide bar set in the guide sleeve. Cover and the valve body gasket seal, tighten the screw bolt, a good end cover plug with designed live with tools to install plug ring and piston pulse valve disc spring on the valve disc guide bar set the valve seat, together into the hole in the valve cover, and close the valve seat, the pulse valve spring to resist the valve disc. Installed filters, according to the logo on the adjustable screw adjusting spring loaded up and down, made to match the tuning screw section attendance on the valve cap concave flange according to the working condition, the best coating a layer of sealant, aligning. Screw down the bolt strength, according to regulations, airtight seal test, sensitivity and the characteristics of flow and pressure test dry the valve door, paint, listing or steel grade. Fill out the repair and test records, sealing and packaging technology to seek the valve parts, tools and materials conform to technical requirements and order is put in the position of cleaning valve parts should be no oil, rust, burrs, etc. , the valve should comply with the technical requirements for printing film should comply with the technical requirements for assembly, right flexible main valve disc up and down, no jam phenomenon. Should not leak sealing gasket place with piston ring, piston, piston cylinder three right, conforms to the technical requirements, up and down movement flexible assembly is correct, not seal face seal assembly are indeed, meet the requirements to adjust screw, flexible adjustment, reliable sealing and equilibrium of diaphragm positioning is indeed, hole is open. Bolt tightening, meets the requirements should meet the technical requirements specified in the valve door dry dry, paint conforms to the requirement, fill in record, writing is concise, clear, steel grade, the brand should be in prominent place, the packaging is strong
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