The pneumatic ball valve door pipeline engineering development in our country

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-14
With the development of social productivity, pipeline engineering application scope is more and more widely, especially in a variety of efficient multi-function high-pressure hydraulic machinery ( All kinds of pumps, slurry pump, compressor, blower, exhaust fan, etc. ) After the pipeline engineering technology obtained the rapid development. In the modern industry, public and civil buildings were built a large number of pipeline facilities, not only used for water, gas and other fluids, also used for long distance pipeline of oil, natural gas, with water as the carrier of the coal, ore concentrate, tailings, sediment, ash solid materials such as long distance pipeline, with water as the carrier to take the seabed mineral resources of pneumatic pipeline, such as air as the carrier of food grain materials handling and pneumatic pipeline, the technological process in some factories even use pipeline facilities instead of the other conveying machinery, which greatly simplifies the process flow, reduces the investment and energy consumption and operating costs. Pipeline way is the railway transport, road transport, sea transport and air transport to smoke after the rise of new way of bulk material transportation. Become an important part of transportation system of the national economy because of many advantages of pipeline, its application field is constantly expanding, almost all of the factories, mines, public and civil buildings were installed a variety of facilities, such as metallurgy factories, mines, power plants, coal preparation plant, petroleum chemical plant all kinds of pipeline is built with crisscross, high-rise buildings water supply, heat supply, gas supply and drainage pipeline is indispensable, with the development of urban and rural construction and the improvement of people's living standards and the improvement of building standards, pneumatic ball valve door pipeline engineering quantity of construction investment and also in unceasing enhancement, the proportion of basic construction in the larger and larger. Oil, gas and solid materials such as long distance pipeline axis has gained great development in our country, and even thousands of kilometers of oil and gas multinational pipeline, predictable, into the 21st century will have many long-distance pipeline projects continue to start construction.
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