The popular science! Stainless steel pneumatic ball valve online maintenance steps

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-22
The popular science! Stainless steel pneumatic ball valve online maintenance steps stainless steel pneumatic ball valve is mainly used in fast block, distribution, and changes to the pipeline medium activity. Pneumatic ball valve is a sphere changed by cock, it's at its 90 & deg; Action sphere rotation to open around the center line of the valve body, a round hole or tunnel through its axis. When rotate to its 90 & deg; When the valve is in the locked condition, when the performance of the unit operation, only a small rolling moment can the valve shut tightly, and then can be reached quickly cut off the principle of block. Pneumatic ball valve open/close agile, suitable size diameter. Stainless steel pneumatic ball valve science online maintenance steps: 1. Close on the ball valve, the downstream block valve. Deflated ball valve in the pipeline before and after unloading pressure; 2. The pneumatic ball valve in full close state. Demolition of pneumatic pipeline; 3. Pneumatic actuator, and twist off the screw will drive flange removed together; 4. Take off the key on the valve stem, twist off the screw, remove the packing gland, remove the packing; 5. From the packing gland o-rings; 6. Check the removed parts, if there is damage to repair or replace, clean all parts; 7. Cleaning and lubrication gland seal face and o-rings installation groove; 8. Load the new packing, loading the new o-rings; 9. Mount the packing gland, binding with bolt, set up the key; 10. The pneumatic actuator flange and drive fitted together, with screw is tight; 11. Connected to the pneumatic pipeline, operating drive check valve open closed flexibility; 12. Mount line, according to the requirements of pipeline for air tightness test.
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