The principle structure of plunger valve

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-14
Plunger valve structure of plunger valve by valve body, valve cover, valve stem, plunger, hand wheel, sealing ring, hole and other components. When rotating the handwheel, through the valve rod drives the plunger, to make it up and down reciprocating motion between the two sealing ring, valve opening and closing of the door. In the plunger valve, USES the interference fit between plunger and seal, when the plunger into sealing ring inner hole, and then hug plunger seal ring is compressed. At this time, relying on the radial component force produced by interference seal will be bigger than the fluid pressure, thus ensuring the sealing. When the piston out, sealing ring under the influence of materials elastic, restorable, at this point, the fluid flow through hole and the sealing ring and exports. Non-metallic materials, the adoption of new type sealing ring hybrid integrated performance is good, have suffered the performance of high temperature and high pressure for a long time without losing elasticity, and large contact area between the plunger and seal. So the sealing is reliable, durable.
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