The respective characteristics of the ball valve and butterfly valve

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-22
Ball valve and butterfly valve is the valve of the two major categories, is widely used. Ball valve in high temperature and high pressure seal strict, the operation condition of the flow resistance is smaller. Butterfly valve is mainly used in low pressure, the operation condition of the sealing requirement is not high. The classification of ball valve and butterfly valve has more also. Ball valve can be divided into: metal hard seal ball valve, sealing ball valve, floating ball valve and the fixed ball ball valve, eccentric half ball valve, v-type regulating ball valve, etc. Butterfly valves can be divided into: triple eccentric butterfly valve, double eccentric butterfly valve, center line butterfly valve, hard seal butterfly valve, soft seal butterfly valve. Valve ball valves and butterfly valves are commonly used, some situations both can be universal, and some of the operating mode and can only use one of these. The two characteristics of valve. We briefly analysis: ball valve, plug valve has evolved, open-close part is a sphere, the features are: 1, small flow resistance, wide open, the parts in did not stop the medium flow passage; 2, in a larger pressure and higher temperature, which can realize completely sealed; 3, quick opening and closing; 4, by hardening treatment, high wear resistance, strong corrosion resistance; 5, body symmetry, can effective pipe under pressure, can cope with high pressure conditions. Butterfly: opening and closing is a disc type butterfly plate, the features are: 1, simple structure, small volume, convenient installation; 2, small flow resistance coefficient, opening and closing quickly; 3, can be used in large diameter valves; 4, can be applied to different sealing surface, using a variety of environments, including powder and granule medium, etc.
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