The safety valve of the installation and maintenance as well as the matters needing attention

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-14
According to the safety valve open valve disc height can be divided into a safety valve and micro all rev type safety valve, micro rev type safety valve opening stroke height is: & le; 0. 05d0( Minimum discharge throat diameter) ; All rev type safety valve opening height is & le; 0. 25 d0 ( Minimum discharge throat diameter) 。 Safety valve installation and maintenance as well as the matters needing attention of the safety valve is a safety valve, the open-close part under the action of external force in a normally closed state, when the equipment or piping within the medium pressure increases, more than a specified value automatically when open, through a discharge medium system to prevent the pipeline or equipment within the medium pressure in excess of the prescribed value. Safety valve belong to automatic valve class, safety valve is mainly used in boilers, pressure vessels and piping, control pressure shall not exceed the specified value, to protect personal safety and equipment operation plays an important role. Safety valve, the form of the structure is divided into vertical hammer, lever, spring type and leading type ( Impulse type) ; According to the valve body structure, can be divided into two kinds of, closed and not closed. Enclosed type safety valve that is ruled out medium is not leaked out, and all along the discharge to the designated location, commonly used in toxic and corrosive medium. For air and steam safety valve, use no more enclosed safety valve. For the selection of safety valve products, should according to the actual seal pressure to determine. For spring loaded safety valves, in a nominal pressure ( PN) Has several work stress level within the range of the spring, when placing order, in addition to indicate safety valve model, name, medium and temperature, still should indicate the valve body sealing pressure, or else the maximum sealing pressure supply. The safety valve of the installation and maintenance should be paid attention to the following items: all kinds of safety valve should be installed vertically. The safety valve outlet should be without resistance, avoid to produce compression phenomenon. Safety valve before installation should be specially test and check its official seal. The use of the safety valve should be checked regularly.
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