The sealing principle of electric ball valve

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-18
The sealing principle of the electric ball valve is on the basis of its structure. Common ball valve structure can be roughly divided into two major categories of floating ball valve and fixed ball valve. Stainless steel ball valve floating ball ball freely supported on the seat. Under the effect of fluid pressure, the displacement sphere in the direction of fluid flow, making it closer contact with the valve seat sealing surface, namely in the sealing surface pressure increase, form a single seal 'at the same time, before the valve seat sealing surface of the pressure decreases, often do not guarantee the seal. In the fixed ball ball valve, ball with upper and lower axis, are fixed in the sphere of bearing. , along the track of ball valve operation. The positioning of the ball, fluid pressure and can't make it produce displacement. The seat is floating, they use spring must force or fluid pressure to the sphere, establish a sealing pressure ratio. Thus fixed ball stainless steel ball valve can be designed according to request of using three kinds of sealing structure: before the valve seat seal, valve seat seal, after after valve before the valve seat seal.
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