The selection of stainless steel pneumatic valves

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-18
Stainless steel pneumatic valve it covers a lot of more phyletic, including stainless steel pneumatic ball valves, pneumatic butterfly valve, stainless steel gate, stainless steel stainless steel pneumatic cut-off valve, etc. ; Probably most people first think of the stainless steel pneumatic ball valve, but it contains many kinds. Pneumatic fast loading Angle seat valve pneumatic Angle seat valve flange type stainless steel pneumatic valve according to connection methods of classification are: stainless steel pneumatic internal thread ball valve, stainless steel flanged ball valves, stainless steel pneumatic clamp ( Thin to clip) Ball valve. Stainless steel pneumatic valve classified by thread: stainless steel a type pneumatic ball valves, stainless steel two type pneumatic ball valves, stainless steel three type pneumatic ball valve; Stainless steel pneumatic valve according to the feature classification are: single acting pneumatic ball valve - — Insert 1 root tube use, ventilation, open the valve broken valve automatic reset; Double-acting pneumatic ball valve - — Insert two trachea use, such as on the left side of the trachea open inlet valve, then close the valve on the right side of the trachea intake; , stainless steel and stainless steel pneumatic regulating ball valve pneumatic cutting ball valve, etc. Stainless steel pneumatic ball valve according to the classification of body structure are: pneumatic three-way ball valve, pneumatic tee T L ball valves, pneumatic ball valves, pneumatic tee cross ball valves, pneumatic type O floating ball valve, pneumatic fixed ball valve, etc. In short, the customer when choosing stainless steel pneumatic valve, good need to confirm the product name, connection mode, nominal pressure, sealing material, medium and temperature, matching accessories ( Solenoid valve, triple pieces, filtering pressure reducing valve, the external regulation selects the locator) So you can be sure to replace stainless steel pneumatic valve in the line. If you want to replace the valve on the equipment, it is necessary to ask manufacturer for connection size
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