The selection of steam drain valve

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-24
1. According to the actual working condition of using steam drain valve inlet and outlet pressure differential. Steam drain valve of the inlet pressure is due to the fluctuation in the steam pressure or temperature regulating valve throttle, steam drain valve at the entrance to the minimum working pressure; Steam drain valve outlet pressure refers to the drain valve may be formed after the highest work back pressure, when the atmosphere, the actual pressure differential steam drain valve inlet pressure. 2. According to the steam heating equipment in the normal work of the condensation water, multiplied by the correction coefficient k, and then according to the displacement of steam drain valve. 3. Condensation water can use the following method: ( 1) Pipeline operation when the condensation water Q = q0L ( 1 - Z / %) ( kg/h) , this formula: Q: condensation of water ( kg/h) Condensation of water (q0: light tube kg/h) L: the distance between the point of hydrophobic ( m) Z: thermal efficiency ( %) ( 2) Produced by the steam heating equipment operation of condensation water Q = VrC delta T/Ht, this formula: Q: condensation of water ( kg/h) V: the volume of a heated object ( m3) R: the density of heated objects ( kg/ m3) C: the specific heat of liquid ( kcal/kg. OC) Delta T: liquid temperature ( OC) H: steam latent heat ( 千卡/公斤) T: heating time 4. Recommended in the table 1 under the working condition of the common use correction coefficient K value, the selection of reference for drain valve user. 5. Various types of steam drain valve structure and the principle is different, the performance is not the same, can be used according to different occasions when choose, choose a different steam drain valve. Steam drain valve protection facilities drain valve with by-pass pipe and without by-pass pipe; Have the condensate recovery and recycling condensation points. Large displacement, and other special requirements of steam drain valve, can be used in the form of parallel installation facilities.
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