The structure characteristics of explosion-proof electric valve actuators

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-18
A, shell explosion-proof electric valve actuators, the important thing is the product requires explosion-proof performance, so manufacturers in the design of the product are using aluminum alloy as the exterior of the products after anodic oxidation treatment on collocation, use polyester powder coating, also is to make the product with the corrosion and protection characteristic is very reliable. Second, the motor in the motor change, like it used to be choose to use a squirrel-cage motor, this kind of motor in relatively large output torque, in the installation of inside thermal protection switch on collocation, to carried out on the aspects of temperature control. Three, institutions if under cold state, can make the clutch handle manual operation, controlled by flipping. Power, of course, if the condition, the clutch will appear the situation of the automatic reset. Fourth, the position indicator position indicator is used to observe the valve position, product generally are fixed on the shaft installation. Five, the dryer will dryer used in explosion-proof electric actuator to control the temperature, to control the internal moisture condensation situation, to ensure that the electrical components inside the product dry. Six, limit switch, limit switch is mainly controlled by the CAM mechanism to perform, we are in the process of using the product, only need through simple to adjust mechanism, can to control the setting position. Seven, torque switch function of this kind of switch in the whole product is for the product to provide overload protection function, can keep equipment in the process of running out of motor damage occurred. Average torque on the switch, when the products leave the factory, the factory has to set the value of customers in the use of products are strictly prohibited to change the value. Eight, since the lock to ensure that the explosion-proof electric valve actuators in the aspect of using rotating part of the stability and reliability, to carry on the design of the product in the factory to add the self-locking function, can make the product in use to avoid some reversal. Nine, at the bottom of the explosion-proof electric valve actuators, the product design in the bottom of the design is completely in conformity with the international standard, so in terms of fitness is very good, can satisfy all kinds of installation, the vertical and horizontal installation are all possible. Ten, explosion-proof electric valve actuators in worm gear worm gear design is the concave wheel design, in order to increase with the contact area between worm, so as to keep the equipment in the process of running a steady state, extend the service life of the product.
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