The structure characteristics of pneumatic valves

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-18
Pneumatic valve is driven by compressed air valve, mainly composed of pneumatic actuators with various types of valves. Model many pneumatic valve, pneumatic control valve, pneumatic ball valves, valve driven by pneumatic butterfly valve such as power supply for gas source can be called a pneumatic valve. With different accessories, pneumatic valve with external regulation and switch type two forms. Type pneumatic switch valve is relying on the solenoid valve switch gas source, to implement the opening and closing of the valve. Mainly used in the working condition of truncated or through pipeline medium, pneumatic control valve type valve need with locator, receive send 4 - control system Ma or 1-20 5 v analog signal, such as the control valve opening size, used for requirements by adjusting the parameters of the pipeline medium condition. And will choose according to the needs of the working condition of the user type gas or gas close. The use requirements of the pneumatic valve working condition of the scene for a gas source, and with a variety of accessories. Unlike electric valve connected power supply can be used. Although there is no electric valve is easy to use, but in many condition is still irreplaceable. Also it is because the pneumatic valve is air driven, so the composition of pneumatic actuators without electronics. In conveying some treasure medium or medium risk, also choose pneumatic valves, mostly because of the pneumatic valve with automatic reset function. That in the case of expiration can automatically according to the working condition of need back to full open or full close status. Avoided because expired valve action and cause loss or danger.
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