The structure of electric control valve and key points for installation

by:AIRWOLF     2020-06-11
Power electric regulating valve is used to drive electric actuators and then drive to throttling valve door, it is an important execution units in industrial automation process control instrumentation. As in the field of industrial automation degree is higher and higher, is being more and more application in the field of all kinds of industrial production. Electric regulating valve has obvious advantages: electric single-seat regulating valve and energy saving, environmental protection, and installation more convenient. Industrial automation control system of electric control valve by receiving signal to drive the differential pressure regulating valve series door change between the cross-sectional area of the valve core and valve seat size control pipe medium flow, process parameters, such as temperature, pressure, automated regulating function. Electric socket regulating valve electric actuator for electronic integration of the structure, with servo amplifier, in order to ensure the regulating valve when driving to work, and make the system safe operation, before installing a new valve, should first check the valve nameplate marking is consistent with the design requirements. If it is on the original system of regulating valve repair, except to check all the information, also respond to the stuffing box and the connection of the old valve sealing check etc. Regulating valve in use at the scene, many are often not because of quality caused by regulating valve itself, but the electric regulating valve installed that caused by improper use, such as: installation environment, installation position and direction due to reasons such as caused by improper or line is not clean. Article 1: electric regulating valve belongs to the field instruments, required environmental temperature should be in - 25 ~ 60 ℃, relative humidity 95%. If it is installed in the open air or high temperature applications, waterproof, cooling measures should be taken. Where there is the source to stay away from source or increase the antivibration measures. Article 2: general electric regulating valve should be installed vertically, special circumstances can tilt, such as large tilt Angle or self-respect is too big for the valve valve itself should increase support protection. Article 3: electric regulating valve installation of pipe generally do not too high above the ground or floor, height is greater than 2 m in pipe should try to set up the platform, facilitate the handwheel operation and easy maintenance. Article 4: the former electric regulating valve is installed for pipeline cleaning, eliminate dirt and welding slag. After installation, to ensure that no residue in the valve body, should also again to clean valve door, namely pass into the media should make all the valve door open, so as to avoid impurities get stuck. After using the handwheel institutions, should be restored to the original neutral position. Article 5: in order to make the electric regulating valve in case of failure or repair can continue to make the production process, the regulating valve should add by-pass line.
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