The structure of the relief valve is introduced and working principle

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-21
According to the working pressure relief valve can automatically opening and closing, general installation in a closed system of the equipment or piping safety protection system. When the equipment or pipeline internal pressure than specified value, automatically open pressure, ensure that the equipment and piping within the medium pressure within the specified value, prevent the accident. Safety valve is to prevent pressure equipment and containers, easy cause pressure or internal pressure exceeds limit and burst safety device. The relief valve is a pressure vessel, boiler, pressure pipe pressure system using a wide range of a safety device, guarantee the safe operation of the pressure system. When tank pressure more than design rules, the safety valve automatically open, discharge gas lower in high pressure, prevents damage to the container or pipe. And when the pressure inside the container drop to normal operating pressure, which shut down automatically to avoid the container overpressure discharge gas, resulting in the waste and production disruptions. The relief valve is mainly composed of the seat, disc, The valve core) And the loading mechanism of three parts. The seat and body as a whole, have a plenty of and body together, it is connected with the device. Disc are jointly and severally, stick to it on the seat. The disc loading mechanism is above, the size of the load can be adjusted. When the pressure inside the equipment in the range of certain work pressure, internal force ACTS on the disc above medium is less than the loading mechanism and the force on the valve, the difference between the two form between disc and seat sealing force, compression, with the valve seat valve, equipment of medium can't discharge. When the pressure inside the equipment in excess of the prescribed work pressure and achieve the relief valve opening pressure, internal media role in alarm valve is greater than the force loading mechanism exert force on it, leave and valve seat valve, relief valve opens, the equipment within the medium through the valve seat, if relief valve discharge safety discharge capacity is greater than the equipment, equipment internal pressure is gradually decline, and through the vent after a short period of time, pressure drop back to normal working pressure. The internal pressure acting on disc and load mechanism is less than the above force exerting on it the force, disc and press the seat, medium to stop discharging, maintain the normal working pressure to continue running. The relief valve is through the disc on the ebb and flow of medium force and loading force, to close or open to achieve the purpose of preventing equipment overpressure.
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