The structure of three-way regulating valve

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-17
Three-way regulating valve structure has three entrances and pipes, equivalent to two single-block valves to synthetic one. Generally USES the actuator USES the electric control and pneumatic control in two ways. See photo below for the 3-way regulating valve electric actuator for the 3-way regulating valve under the control of pneumatic actuator control way by action is divided into two convergent flow regulating valve and bypass valve. Confluence is two kinds of flow through valve by mixing, such as two different temperature of the fluid through valves mix into a fluid temperature between the former two. The three-way regulating valve has two inlet and an outlet. Shunt is a kind of flow through valve is divided into two after the road, when the 3-way regulating valve in the closed an export at the same time will open another export, the regulating valves with one inlet and two outlet.
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