The types of electric ball valve?

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-20
Types are: the electric ball valve floating ball valve and the fixed ball ball valve, ball valve, v-shaped ball valve, three-way ball valve, stainless steel ball valves, forged steel ball valve, sulfur discharge ball valve, ball valve, three-way ball valve, pneumatic ball valves, electric ball valves, card sets of ball valve, welding ball valve, flanged ball valves, threaded ball valve. Floating ball: the ball is floating ball valve, under the effect of medium pressure, the fitness ball produce certain displacement and compression at the outlet seal surface, guarantee the outlet seal. Floating ball ball valve has simple structure, good sealing, but all spheres of work under medium load to export sealing ring, so want to consider to seal material can withstand the working load of sphere medium, under high pressure shock, sphere migration may occur. In this structure, is generally used in low pressure ball valve. : fixed ball ball valve ball is fixed, does not produce mobile after compression. Fixed ball valves have a floating ball valve seat, the medium pressure, mobile seat, make the seal compression on the ball, to ensure the seal. Usually mounted on the upper and lower shaft with ball bearing, the operating torque is small, suitable for high pressure and large diameter of the valve. To reduce the number of ball valve operating torque and increase the reliability of the sealing, lubricating oil, to form a layer of oil film, which increases the sealing, and reduce operating torque, suitable for high pressure large diameter ball valve. Elastic ball: the ball valve of the sphere is elastic ball and seat sealing ring is made of metal material sealing pressure is very big, relying on the pressure of the medium itself already could not reach the requirements of sealing, must exert external forces. This valve is suitable for high temperature and high pressure medium. Elastic ball is on the lower end of the sphere wall open one elastic slot, and elasticity. When close the channel, sphere rolling out with stem wedge-shaped head pressure to seal with the valve seat. Wedge head before you turn the sphere are released, the sphere then restore the original prototype, appear very small gap between the sphere and valve seat, can reduce the sealing surface friction and operating torque AT pneumatic PP butterfly valve electric PVC ball valve features: basic information: applicable for pipe pressure difference is big, strict sealing of the switch and cut off the pipeline media appearances and fluid process control system. Working temperature: - 20 ℃ to + 150 ℃ ( Special seal + 250 ℃) 。 Job stress: PN16, PN25 - PN40 - PN64 - PN100 scope: air, steam, water, gas, oil and petrochemical products, corrosive medium. Electric ball valve; Shanghai capernaum valve, V is the electric ball valve seat is a core metal, or metal for ptfe seal with the rotation of the ball valves, electric ball valves the best ball valve and butterfly valve control features combined into an organic whole, not only can be used as a control valve, cut-off valve and can make off. Its main features are: ( 1) With no coupling integral body, so is not affected by pipeline or bolt stress, and because the body without any pipe joint, so pressure hull would not be affected by pressure 'mutation'; ( 2) Electric ball valve has a v-shaped body, even in the case of small flow rate or high viscosity media, can also be within the scope of the whole range, ensure the control accuracy; ( 3) Electric ball valve leak proof and durable seat at the outer diameter of PTFE lined with stainless steel inner core cup or type O sealing ring, the seat made from cross section larger cobalt tungsten carbide, by a corrugated alloy spring to further enhance the structure of the seat; ( 4) When the electric ball valve valve closing, v-notch with electric ball valve seat wedge shearing action, and both have the function of self-cleaning and can prevent the ball core is stuck, especially suitable for the electric ball valve pipe scaling or containing fibers and particles frozen solid. Job characteristics: working temperature: - 20 ℃ to + 150 ℃ ( Special seal + 250 ℃) 。 Job stress: PN16, PN25 - PN40 - PN64 - PN100 fluid range air, steam, water, gas, oil and petrochemical products, corrosion resistance, acid and alkali medium.
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