the use and maintenance of pneumatic fittings

by:AIRWOLF     2019-12-13
In a broad sense, the pneumatic motor mainly uses compressed air to output the kinetic energy of the external work of the tool. According to its basic work, it can be divided into: Rotation (
Eccentric moving Blade). Reciprocating (piston volume ).
The general pneumatic accessories are mainly composed of the power output part, the operation format conversion part, the inlet and exhaust Road part, the open and stop operation control part, and the tool box. Of course, the operation of pneumatic fittings must also be part of the energy supply, air filtration and pressure regulating components and tool accessories.
Power output part: it is the main component of pneumatic accessories, mainly composed of air motor and power output gear, relying on high
Pressure compressed air blow motor rotor blade 2 stone motor rotation, external output rotation driven by gears and conversion of the entire operating motion of some form.
Pneumatic pneumatic motor according to the stator and rotor concentric, can be divided into concentric horse motor and eccentric motor, according to the number of air holes, pneumatic motor according to the stator and rotor concentric, can be divided into concentric horse motor and eccentric motor, according to the number of air holes? Pores can be divided into single-in-motor, double-air inlet into the pores of the motor and the electric machine.
Either form of the motor, is to rotate the rotor blade to drive the motor to rotate the blade at high speed, the moment of friction with the stator Wall, which is the most common loophole in the motor assembly, therefore, the quality requirements for compressed air and compressed air containing oil molecules are very high.
Some forms of conversion operation: mainly the motor output of the corresponding rotation conversion.
In the automotive industry, due to the way the thread is connected, most of the rotation, of course, also has a linear reciprocating motion.
For different types of pneumatic accessories, operate some of the main forms of conversion to mechanical clutch and planetary gear set, friction plate clutch and planetary gear set, hydraulic cylinder, twist bar, hammer block set, etc. .
These components are based on the importance of rotating parts, which determine important tightening parameters such as pneumatic fastening tools, torque size, rotation speed, accuracy, because it maintains the clutch, the pressure or torque changes, therefore, the composition of the components is vulnerable to damage.
Intake and exhaust Road part: Obviously, the relevant part of the compressed air entering the exhaust passage is to protect the normal movement of the motor power supply system.
Turn on and stop the motion control part, often called a pneumatic switch, because it is always in direct contact with the operator and external objects, and many plastic products are easily damaged.
Energy supply part: Compressed air is mainly compressed air compressor transported to the atmosphere formed by the relevant gas power through the compressed air pipeline, which is pulsating.
Air filter and pressure regulator part: Since compressed air is usually manufactured through seamless steel pipes, in the long
Its inner wall corrosion materials, compressed air moisture, dust, etc.
Will continue to form.
If such compressed air does not go through any treatment and enters the motor directly, it will shorten the life of the motor, thus causing the entire power output of the tool to be insufficient and unstable, it is easy to cause damage to the motor and other parts of the chain, which is the task of setting compressed air filtration, air conditioning and pneumatic parts from the pneumatic accessories between the pipes.
It is mainly composed of pressure gauge pneumatic Sanlian parts, filters, lubricants, regulators and other components, including filters built into the filter, which are maintained and cleaned during a period of use and replaced regularly.
Tool attachment: This tool attachment is directly installed in the pneumatic body in direct contact with the workpiece tool, and the pneumatic body is the three parts of the task undertaken.
It is mainly composed of pressure gauge, pneumatic Sanlian, filter, lubricant, regulator and other components, including built-in filter.
In the filter, use a period of time for maintenance cleaning and regular replacement;
This compressed air is not treated at all, and directly affects the motor, which will shorten the life of the motor, resulting in insufficient and unstable power output of the tool, it is easy to cause damage to the chain of parts such as motors. For this reason, compressed air is transported from the pipeline to the pneumatic accessories. Air filters must be set to adjust the equipment, including various types of pneumatic sleeves, then the lens, adapter, head, etc.
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