The use of butterfly valve door maintenance matters needing attention

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-16
1, butterfly butterfly plate installed on the diameter of the pipe direction of the door. 2, butterfly plate in the installation, the butterfly plate to stop in the closed position. 3, open position should be according to the butterfly plate to determine the Angle of rotation. 4 with by-pass valve, butterfly valve door, open the bypass valve should be taken before opening. 5, should according to the butterfly valve door manufacturers installation instructions for installation, weight heavy butterfly valve gate, should set up a solid foundation. The use of butterfly valve door maintenance notice: butterfly valve gate opening and flow, the relationship between the basically linear scale change. If is used to control the flow, the flow characteristic and pipe flow resistance have close relationship, such as two piping valve gate diameter, forms, etc. All the same, and the pipe loss coefficient is different, the valve gate flow will be a big difference.  如果阀门门处于节流幅度较大状态,阀门板的背面容易发生气蚀,有损坏阀门门的可能,一般均在15° External use.  蝶阀门处于中开度时,阀门体与蝶板前端形成的开口形状以阀门轴为中心,两侧形成完成不同的状态,一侧的蝶板前端顺流水方向而动,另一侧逆流水方向而动,因此,一侧阀门体与阀门板形成似喷嘴形开口,另一侧类似节流孔形开口,喷嘴侧比节流侧流速快的多,而节流侧阀门门下面会产生负压,往往会出现橡胶密封件脱落。 Butterfly valve gate operation torque, because the opening door opening and closing of the valve in a different direction and the value of each different, horizontal butterfly valve gate, especially large diameter valves, due to the depth of the water, the valve shaft, the water head difference generated by the torque also nots allow to ignore. In addition, the valve inlet side door device elbow, form the bias current, torque will be increased. Valve opening of the door in the middle, because the water flow of torque, operators need to be self-locked.
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