The use of signal butterfly valve gate

by:AIRWOLF     2020-06-10
Use signal butterfly valve door the note 1, this butterfly valve door can be installed on the pipeline at any position in space. 2, the installation position of butterfly valve door should guarantee the use and convenience of maintenance and replacement. 3, the butterfly valve door install piping medium flow direction, can not consider when allowing two-way flow. 4, butterfly gate before installation should be stored in a dry indoor place, the valve plate slightly open 4 & deg; ~ 5度; 。 5, butterfly gate before installation should undertake the following work: a, carefully check whether the usage is consistent with the butterfly valve gate performance specifications. B, clean inner cavity and the sealing surface, there is no dirt clinging to the body, don't open/close the butterfly plate before cleaning. C, check whether transmission device and the butterfly valve door flange connection can be *. 6, butterfly gate for pipe clamp, pay attention to whether the relay uniform *. 7, butterfly gate after installation, pipeline strength test, valve plate must be in an open position. 8, butterfly doors installed, should be regularly check, the check of the main projects are as follows: a, whether butterfly valve gate valve seat and type O sealing ring damage. B, the valve plate seal face seal performance. C, butterfly door maintenance after assembly, opening and closing rotates can not have jam phenomenon. D, butterfly door maintenance after the assembly, should be sealed performance test as required. F, after each maintenance, should be detailed records for reference.
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