The USES and working principle of high-temperature solenoid valve

by:AIRWOLF     2020-06-18
High-temperature solenoid valve USES and working principle of the time here is the purpose of the high-temperature solenoid valve and the working principle of profile, high-temperature solenoid valve USES the valve is the forerunner of the type of moving electromagnetic valve, the general medium range wide, can be used respectively in the water, light oil, heavy oil, non - corrosive gas and steam and other fluids, such as plant extraction pipe drain system and exhaust system of evaporator, mainly for the medium in the pipeline two position automatic adjustment and remote control. Second, the high temperature, electromagnetic valve, the working principle of electromagnet after electrify connecting rod was promoted, as the rotation axis, this movement on the pilot valve and main valve open; After power, under the effect of armature self-respect and return spring, close the pilot valve, pilot valve is turned off, close the main valve by pressure difference. Heavy east brand of water species of the solenoid valve solenoid valve, solenoid valve, steam explosion-proof solenoid valve, high-temperature solenoid valve, solenoid valve, high-pressure gas emergency shut-off valve, etc. Various kinds of electromagnetic valve products a series, nearly thousands of specifications and varieties.
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