The valve anti-corrosion lining material selection

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-20
1, PTFE (teflon F4) Applicable medium: strong acid, strong alkali, strong oxidizing agents, etc. ; Use the temperature - 200~180℃; Features: excellent chemical stability, has high heat resistance, cold tolerance; Friction coefficient is very low, is an excellent self-lubrication material, but mechanical performance is low, liquidity is poor, thermal expansion. 2, FEP FEP ( F46) Applicable medium: any organic solvent or reagents, thin or thick inorganic acid, alkali, ketone, aromatic hydrocarbons, chlorinated hydrocarbons, etc. ; Temperature: - 85~150℃; Features: mechanics, electricity performance and chemical stability, basically the same as F4, but outstanding advantage is dynamic toughness, and has excellent weatherability and radioactive. 3, three fluoride PCTEF ( F3) Applicable medium: all kinds of organic solvent and inorganic corrosion liquid ( Oxidizing acids) ; Temperature: - 195~120℃; Features: after F4, heat resistance, electric properties and chemical stability, mechanical strength, creep properties and hardness than the F4 better. 4, poly (vinylidene fluoride, PVDF ( F2) Applicable medium: resistant to most chemicals and solvents; Temperature: - 70~100℃; Features: the tensile strength and compression strength is better than the F4, bending resistance, weather resistance, radiation resistance, light and aging, the biggest characteristic is good toughness, easy to shape. 5, polypropylene RPP applicable medium: inorganic salt aqueous solution of a class, the thin or thick inorganic acid, alkali solution; Temperature: - 14~80℃; Features: one of the most light plastic, its yield, tensile and compression strength and hardness are better than that of low pressure polyethylene, there are outstanding rigidity; Good heat resistance, easy forming, optimal budget. Modified dynamic sex, liquidity, bending elastic modulus increase. Valve anti-corrosion lining material valve valve anti-corrosion lining anti-corrosion lining material valve anti-corrosion lining material valve valve anti-corrosion lining anti-corrosion lining materials, polyene diameter 6 PO applicable medium: various concentration of acid and alkali salts and some organic solvents; Temperature: - 58~80℃; Characteristics: it is currently one of the world's most ideal anticorrosion material, has been widely used in large rotational molding equipment and pipe lining. 7, polyvinyl chloride ( Hard) PVC applicable medium: water, strong alkali resistance, non oxidizing acid, chain hydrocarbon, oil and ozone, etc. ; Use temperature: 0 ~ 55 ℃; Features: high mechanical strength, chemical stability and good dielectric properties, oil resistance and anti senile is better also, easy to welding and adhesion, low price.
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