The valve connected to the pipe is zha? How many kinds of connection mode? Do you know?

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-18
The how connection between valve and pipeline or equipment, the problem can not be ignored, because the valve run, run, drip, leak phenomenon, the vast majority of happening here. Do you know how many kinds of connection mode? A larger models large flange connection flange connection between valve and pipeline or equipment with most forms of connection. It is to point to by flanges, gaskets and bolts are connected as a set of sealing structure detachable connection. Pipe flange refers to the plumbing for piping flange, used in equipment refers to the import and export of the flange of the equipment. Flange connection is convenient to use, can withstand greater pressure. Flange connection can be applied to all kinds of valve, nominal pressure, nominal size, but the use of temperature has certain limitation, when high temperature working condition, as a result of the flange connecting bolts are prone to creep phenomenon caused by the leak, usually flange connection is recommended in & le; Using 350 ℃ temperature. According to the joint surface shape can be divided into the following kinds: smooth type: used for low pressure valve. Processing more convenient lenticular: high work pressure, can be used in hard gasket mortise type: plastic deformation is larger washers are available, and used more widely in the corrosive medium, has good sealing effect trapezoidal groove: with oval metal ring gasket, used to the work pressure & ge; 60 kg/cm2 or high temperature valve lens type: the washer is lens shape, made of metal. For work pressure & ge; 100 kg/cm2 or high temperature high pressure valve valve o-ring type: a new form of flange connection, reliable sealing effect than ordinary flat washer a larger model for clamp connection bolts directly to the valve and two connection form of pipe clamp wear together. Welding connection welding connection refers to the valve body with the welding groove, welding way connected to the pipe system of a form of connection. GB/T 12224、API600、ASME B 16. 34 standard of welding groove to make the rules. Divided into the butt welding to connect the valve and pipeline welding ( BW) Connected to the socket welding ( SW) , socket weld ends shall comply with the provisions of the JB/T 1751. Butt welding ( BW) Can be used in various sizes, all kinds of pressure and high temperature condition, socket connection ( SW) Generally applicable to & le; (the valve. Threaded connection which is a kind of simple method, often used for small valves. Divides two kind of situations: direct seal: internal and external screw thread sealing effect directly. In order to ensure that joint not leak, often filled with lead, cotton and ramie thread woven and ptfe teflon tape, including ptfe teflon tape, widely used. The corrosion resistance of the material is very good, good sealing effect, easy to use and preservation, remove, can be fully removed, it because it is a layer non-viscous film, much more superior than lead, cotton and ramie thread woven. Indirect seal: the power of the screw tight, passed to the two plane see washer, gasket sealing role. Card sets of connection card set of connection works, when screw nut, card sets of pressure, the blade is biting into the tube outer wall and card sets of male cone and cone closed and joint under pressure, and thus can be reliably prevent leakage. The advantage of this connection form is: small volume, light weight, simple structure, disassembling easy; The relay is strong, wide use, resistant to high pressure, 1000 kg/cm2) , high temperature ( 650℃) Shock and vibration; Can choose a variety of materials, suitable for corrosion protection; Machining accuracy is not high; High altitude makes the pipes easier to install. At present, the card sets of connection form, has been used in some small valve products in China. Clamp connection which is a fast connection method, it only need two bolts, often apply to remove the low pressure valve. Within the tight connection within the tight connection is a kind of using medium pressure since the tight connection. Its sealing ring with cone, with medium relative to one side with a certain Angle, within the medium pressure to the cone, and passed to the sealing ring, on the cone Angle, produce two component, a parallel to the center line of the body to the outside, another pressure to the valve body wall. This component is the force behind. The more the greater the medium pressure, since the tight force is big. So this kind of connection form, suitable for high pressure valves. Than the flange connection, to save a lot of material and manpower, but also need a certain pre-tightening force, so that the pressure in the valve is not high, the use of reliable. Use since the tight sealing principle of the valve and is generally high pressure valve. Valve connection form but also a lot of, for example, some don't have to dismantle the small valve, with the pipe welding; Some non-metallic valves, USES the connection socket type, and so on. Valve users according to Hugh situation specific treatment.
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