The valve industry expo to promote industrial chain integration

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-22
Despite the size of the valve industry in China has more than 200 billion yuan, but still need to be imported each year ten billion yuan worth of high-end valves, promote the localization of high-end valve, is imminent. The birthplace of anshan, as the country's first regulator, with strong technical background and industry advantage, nowadays is moving toward & other; Throughout China's high-end valve city &; Challenge the new target. Reporter from the recently held 2013 China ( Anshan) Understands high valve industry exposition, in accordance with the high-end, specialized, the goal of internationalization, headquarters, in the next few years in anshan high valve industrial park plans to generate an income of 20 billion yuan, the export scale of $1 billion, achieve sales revenue of one hundred billion yuan, to become the nation's largest high valve industry base, the anshan as & other; Throughout China's high-end valve city &; 。 China valve association secretary-general Song Yinli said, in our country under the background of a large number of imports of high-end valve, valve of high-end industrial park of start, will no doubt provide tremendous momentum for high-end valve localization in China. At the opening ceremony, the Danish danfoss group, Japan's work group, bethel valve group representatives signed a contract with anshan economic development zone enterprises in the park, the hospital of the high-end valves project 105, the total investment amount of nearly 14. 5 billion yuan. It is understood that anshan high valve industrial park planning area of 15. 61 square kilometers, divided into valve manufacturing area, industrial supporting area and public service area three regions. It is worth mentioning that equipment remanufacturing academician workstation, anshan and collaborative innovation center for advanced manufacturing valve test center of liaoning province may also unveiled the plaque at the opening ceremony. Among them, the academician workstation technology research and development will be at the high end of the valve industry promotion, promote the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, improve our capacity for independent innovation. The workstation, the host of the Chinese Academy of Engineering bin-shi xu said equipment remanufacturing technology research and development and promotion, is an important way to develop strategic emerging industries. The green & other; Remanufacturing & throughout; It is the concept of bin-shi xu takes the lead in putting forward in the last century. Anshan advanced manufacturing collaborative innovation center, the plan through the effective integration of armored force engineering institute, Shanghai jiaotong university, xi 'an jiaotong university, dalian university of technology as well as the advantage resources of liaoning university of science and technology, in view of the high-end valves and other industries in high-end talents, advanced technology, the urgent need of process equipment and so on, eventually become the enterprise technology innovation and the achievement industrialization base. According to introducing, the expo has brought together more than 500 well-known enterprises at home and abroad, the products involved in oil and gas valve, chemical valve, metallurgical valve, environmental protection with valve and nuclear power, thermal power, water and electricity with valve and so on more than a dozen series. With the expo as an opportunity, in anshan in the future will be held on a regular basis related to the exhibition, construct platform for cooperation and exchange, promote the valve industry chain integration development both at home and abroad, for high-end valve localization. The article link url: WWW. zjxmfm。 com
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